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Mirus Lineator

Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter

An easy to apply, passive filter capable of reducing Variable Speed Drive (VSD) / Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) harmonics by up to 10 times with none of the inherent problems of conventional filters.


  • Treats all major harmonics generated by Variable Speed Drives and other 3-phase rectifier loads
    (5th, 7th, 11th, 13th …)
  • Exceeds 18-pulse performance in a smaller footprint, at lower cost and without sacrificing energy efficiency
  • Easily applied to input of a single VSD
  • No need to phase shift against other VSD’s
  • No need for costly harmonic studies
  • Will meet IEEE 519 standard for both current and voltage distortion
  • Input current demand distortion < 8% over entire operating range
  • Power factor 0.98 lagging to 0.95 leading over the normal operating range
  • Compatible with engine generators since capacitive reactance is < 15% of rated kVA even under light loads
  • Will not resonate with other power system components Will not be overloaded by other line side harmonic sources
  • Suppresses overvoltages caused by capacitor switching and other fast changing loads
  • Eliminates need for drive isolation transformers, AC line reactors and DC link chokes
  • Removal of harmonics improves overall system power factor
  • Saves energy by reducing upstream harmonic losses while operating at > 99% efficiency
  • Reduces DC bus ripple and increases ride-through capability of the load


Performance Guarantee

MIRUS guarantees that the LINEATOR™ AUHF will perform as advertised to reduce harmonic distortion caused by AC Variable Speed Drives and other non-linear loads equipped with 3-phase, 6-pulse, diode bridge rectifiers. A properly selected and installed LINEATOR™ will:

  1. Reduce Current Total Harmonic Distortion (ITHD), measured at the LINEATOR™ input terminals at full load, to:
    (i.) < 8% when background voltage distortion is < 5% and voltage imbalance is < 3%
    (ii) < 5% when short circuit ratio (Isc/IL), as defined by IEEE Std 519, is < 20 and when background voltage distortion is < 0.5% and voltage imbalance is < 1%
  2. Reduce Current Total Demand Distortion (ITDD), measured at the LINEATOR™ input terminals over its entire operating range, to levels defined in Item 1 above. ITDD is defined as the ratio of ITHD divided by the full load current (peak demand current) of the Lineator™.
  3. Minimize the contribution to Voltage Harmonic Distortion of all VSD’s equipped with the LINEATOR™ to < 5% total and < 3% for individual harmonics, as defined by IEEE Std 519-1992.
  4. NOT become overloaded by other upstream harmonic sources.
  5. NOT resonate with other power system components.
  6. NOT have compatibility problems with engine generator sets properly sized for the load.